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Visordown.com is the top destination in the world for motorcyclists looking for consumer news, motorcycle-related features, sports news and video content. It is the UK's biggest digital-only motorcycle brand and features a wealth of insight and opinion from some of the world's best-known and highly-respected motorcycle journalists.

Whether you are looking for breaking news, new bike reviews, or in-depth features, Visordown.com is your go-to resource for two-wheeled journalism.

Over on the Visordown YouTube channel, you'll find video reviews of all the most important bikes, bike battles, handy 'How to' guides and motorbike maintenance videos. On top of that, you can enjoy helmet cam footage from our team sharing all the funny, shocking, and unusual footage from their weekend rides.

Visordown isn’t just a job for us, it’s our way of life.

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We’ve reviewed thousands of bikes and bike-related gear. Whether it’s a helmet, budget scrambler or top-of-the-range superbike, we test everything extensively and never accept payment for reviews. 

That means that we guarantee to you that our buying advice and reviews are always thorough and impartial. 

There may be affiliate links on some of our reviews or buying guides. If you click one of these links and buy something from a motorcycle retailer then we might receive payment. It’s like a finders fee. This is one of the ways we make money so it’s in our interests to be honest and impartial so that you’re happy with a product we’ve recommended and you come back to us next time you need advice on what to buy.

Our Team
Alex Strange's picture
Content Editor

Alex has grown up around bikes & scooters, sharing a love that has passed down generations from his dad’s Vespas from his mod days, his cousin... Read More

Alex Whitworth's picture
Junior Content Writer

Alex has been working in the motorcycle industry for as long as he has been at Visordown, which has been since March 2022 so we'll let you work it... Read More

Matt Robinson's picture
Group editor

Matt has a background in motoring journalism of the four-wheeled variety but has long had a passion for motorbikes, taking his first steps into... Read More

Ollie Barstow's picture

To say I am a veteran of Crash Media Group, would be something of an understatement. 

Indeed, I have spent almost... Read More

Sam Creedon-Gray's picture
Group Commercial Manager

From her first experience going pillion at 31, Sam has been obsessed with motorcycles. She spent four years within motorcycle... Read More

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Head of Content

Simon (AKA Toad) has been working within the motorcycle industry for more than twelve years, and a member of the motorcyclist family since... Read More