Kawasaki Eliminator 500 price announced and it’s cheaper than expected

UK pricing has been announced for the 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator 500, which will be available from under £6,000 when it lands in dealers

2024 Kawasaki Eliminator 500

After its full details were published towards the end of last summer, pricing information for the 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator 500 has been made available.

The guide price Kawasaki issued last year indicated an expected price of between £6,600 and £6,800, but the actual price undercuts that quite substantially, even in the higher-spec SE variant.

In standard form, the 2024 Eliminator 500 comes in at £5,999, while the SE will cost £6,399.

The A2-eligible 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator 500 cruiser utilises the same 451cc parallel twin-cylinder motor used in the Ninja 500 and Z 500 and will roll into dealers later this year on an 18-inch front wheel, and a 16-inch rear.

The engine - expected to produce 49bhp and 28lb ft of torque - features downdraft intakes to provide a shorter path to the cylinders for the in-taken air, while the airbox itself has a 5.8-litre capacity, and its left and right intake funnels are set at different heights which Kawasaki says contributes to the engine’s “smooth response”. Finally, a 32mm throttle body increases the volume of airflow.

On the chassis side, the 2024 Eliminator 500 will make use of a steel trellis frame design derived from the aforementioned Ninja 500. This provides a 1,520mm wheelbase, while the swingarm is connected directly to the engine via a diecast mounting plate. For suspension, the 2024 Eliminator 500 calls on a conventional front fork and twin rear shocks. The seat height is adjustable - set to 735mm as standard, it can be lowered to 715mm and raised to 765mm.

Full LED lighting and an LCD screen, through which connection to the Kawasaki Rideology app can be established, also feature.

For the Kawasaki Eliminator 500 SE, there is a special graphic on the headlamp cowl, a special stitching pattern in the seat, rubber fork boots, and a USB-C port on the handlebar.

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